• Motorhome and Caravan Servicing
    • December 2018

    Servicing your caravan or mortorhome

    The Camping and Caravanning Club have a great datasheet all about caravan/motorhome servicing.

  • Common Causes of motorhome breakdowns
    • November 2018

    Common Causes of motorhome breakdowns

    The Camping and Caravan club have created a great article about causes of breakdowns. They suggest the following checks to avoid breaking down.

    Tyres: check your tyres are at the correct pressures by using a good quality gauge or the nearest garage air line.

    Spare wheel and toolkit: always check that you are equipped with a spare wheel or repair kit and the necessary tools before travelling.

    Engine Oil: you should regularly check the dipstick to make sure the oil levels in your motorhome are correct, especially before a long journey.

    Water: while the engine is cold you should check the coolant level and the antifreeze concentration if possible

    Wipers: wiper blades start to smear the windscreen if they have become worn which can become dangerous and hinder vision

    Screen wash: always top up your screen wash before a long journey.

    Windscreen: check your windscreen for stone chips or other damage as this can impair vision and distract attention from the road.

    Lights: you should check your headlights, indicators, brake lights and fog lights regularly and especially ahead of long journeys.

    Battery: check your battery has enough charge for your journey, especially if your motorhome has been off the road for a while, in which case you may want to charge it briefly beforehand.

    Storage: before you leave, make sure unsecured items in your motorhome are locked away and ensure that everything is in the correct travelling position, including steps, doors and windows, TV antennas or satellite dishes.

    Paperwork: remember to check that your MOT and insurance are in date and remember to take your driving license with you on your holiday.

    VIEW FULL ARTICLE for great tips & advice
  • stuck motohome in fowey
    • October 2018

    Motorhome & Caravan Show 2018

    Practical Motorhome Magazine is giving you the chance to win tickets to the Motorhome & Caravan show which is to be held at Birmingham NEC in October.

  • stuck motohome in fowey
    • September 2018

    Are Caravans & Motorhome converging?

    Caravan Times' Dan Cartwright has written a great feature looking at the change in motorhome and caravan characteristics and analyses the similarities. This includes the added functionality now in modern caravans. Could there be a next level vehicle to suit the motorhome lovers and caravan lovers alike?

  • stuck motohome in fowey
    • August 2018

    Family caravanning holidays

    The Mirror and Halfords have compiled a great list of tips if you are going away this Summer. Suggestions include:
    - "Extend your space" - solutions for outdoor shelters
    - "Cooking and eating outside" - a briefcase BBQ!
    - "Every home convenience" - Splash triple mains kit

  • stuck motohome in fowey
    • July 2018

    Eek! these people my need our help!

    Take a look at this story posted by Cornwall Live. A motorhome became lodged between two walls in the town of Fowey! Its a very tight squeeze - and excruitiaing sound effects on the video!

  • my first towing experience
    • May 2018

    Recent Customer Reviews

    Thank you to our customers for your recent feedback.

    "Absolutely excellent service received today when we needed assistance with a damp issue. Everyone we dealt was so Customer-focussed it is really appreciated. Thank you". MARCUS DOWLING

    "Did an excellent repair on our 2 berth caravan shower wall and full service. Would recommend." STEPHEN WHITTAKER

    "Great service. Very pleased with damp repair work." ALAN TYSON

  • my first towing experience
    • April 2018

    Caravan Spring Clean

    Read "The Big Caravan Spring Clean" and article by Rod Farrendon from banishing smells to cleaning the roof. Jam-packed with great advice!

  • my first towing experience
    • March 2018

    Useful "how-to" videos

    You tube is a great resource of handy tips for keeping your caravan or motorhome in good shape. Take a look at the The Trudgians Channel for helpful short videos, including site reviews.

  • my first towing experience
    • February 2018

    Why more Brits are buying caravans and motor homes

    An insightful interview by Chris Johnston of BBC News with Bart Day of Bailey Caravans describing how the British are the biggest buyers of Caravans and Motorhome in Europe.

  • Body and paint repairs
  • Damp repairs & sealing
  • Caravan wallboard replacement
  • Rot treatments
  • Replacement exterior mouldings
  • Full or part re-sprays
  • Window rubber replacement
  • Floor Delamination
  • Appliance repairs
  • Caravan fridge service
  • Caravan floor repair
  • Shower tray repair replacement


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